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thank you for visiting hellyesmaliamills.com, owned and operated by i am malia mills l.l.c.. by visiting our website, you accept the terms and conditions listed below, in addition to any other policies in place on the website, including, but not limited to, return policy, privacy policy, etc.. if you do not agree to the terms in their entirety, then please refrain from using the website. malia mills reserves the right to take legal action against any individual or group in violation of the policies below. as a user of this website, you are prohibited from any and all attempted or actual violation of the security of this site. should you choose to attempt to violate, or violate these terms, civil or criminal liability may result, and malia mills will cooperate with all authorities and investigations. 

this site is available for noncommercial, personal use only. purchasing products for resale is not allowed, and malia mills reserves the right to cancel or investigate any questionable order quantities.

please note that colors may vary depending on your computer display and settings. we have done our best to provide our users with the most accurate online representations of fabrics, and provided additional information when appropriate, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of your computer screen's portrayal of any color. if you are uncertain about ordering online, we will happily mail you a color swatch upon request.

we reserve the right to discontinue products at any time, and cannot guarantee the in stock status of any one item. if there is a problem or delay with any part of your purchase, we will notify you immediately and work to resolve the issue. all prices listed on the website are subject to change. 

this site, including all of its contents, regardless of format, is property of malia mills and protected under copyright right law of the united states.

sales tax is determined by individual states and jurisdictions, and as a result, it is subject to change at any time. malia mills is not responsible for informing you of these changes. malia mills, as required by law, charges sales tax to residents of the states we have a physical presence in. at this time, the collection of sales tax, as mandated by state law, is limited to new york and california, but this may change at any time and without notice. all prices listed on the website are pre-tax. tax, when applicable, will be added to your purchase total at checkout, however for california purchases, tax may not be reflected in your order total. in this event, you will be notified with the final total, including tax, by email within 48 hours of online checkout.

we do not ship internationally at this time, but are open to working with you in order to make alternate delivery arrangements if you currently reside outside of the united states of america. please contact us at the studio to discuss the possibility of shipping outside of the usa. should a shipping arrangement be made, malia mills does not cover any shipping, customs and/or duties fees that may result. malia mills cannot be held responsible for any weather or volume related shipping delays and any inconvenience this may cause in terms of timing and pricing. malia mills does not provide for return shipping on any orders, nor can we assume responsibility for the package once it has left our facility. 

although hellyesmaliamills.com may link to other sites, we cannot accept responsibility for the content or accuracy of information on those sites.

malia mills may at any time render the website and its services unavailable. additionally, malia mills may at any time block any user accounts found, or suspected, to be in violation of any company policies.

if you have any remaining questions or are uncertain about any portion of our policies, please give us a call at the studio or email onlineorders@maliamills.com and we will gladly provide further assistance and explanation. 
we reserve the right to reject any returns and/or exchanges that fail to comply with the standards set above.

prohibited uses

please note that the contents of this website, including but not limited to data, text, icons, wallpaper, characters, artwork, images, music, graphics, pictures (photographs), software, messages and any html used to create the pages is owned by malia mills or related supplies and vendors. you are not allowed to republished, download, print, display, copy, delete, transmit, modify, upload or distribute these contents for any commercial or public use without written permission by malia mills. hellyesmaliamills.com's privacy policy provides you with the information and policies regarding our information collection process and our privacy protecting assurance and how we use this information. by using the hellyesmaliamills.com site, you agree to the conditions of this privacy policy. • the information we collect • how we use and share the personal information we collect • communications from hellyesmaliamills.com • changes to privacy policy • questions or comments 

the information we collect

each time a user visits hellyesmaliamills.com, certain information is collected. that information is specific to your visit and whether you browse, shop or register. depending on those actions, different unique information is gathered. the below information details the types of information we collect, how it is gathered and what is done with it. 

IP address, cookies, pixel tags and gifs: non-identifying information

part of each visit to hellyesmaliamills.com is registered through an ip address that may help us diagnose issues with our servers and correct errors. your ip address also allows us to gather broad, non-personal demographics that help us to analyze traffic patterns and how our site is browsed. 

cookies allow you to use the shopping cart on our site. without cookies one cannot order from hellyesmaliamills.com online. cookies are alphanumeric identifiers transferred from our site to your computer so that we may identify you when you visit. these files also provide sales data thereby helping us serve you more efficiently. 

most computers are pre-set to accept cookies. you can opt to have your computer warn you each time cookies are being selected or you can opt to deny cookies. if you refuse the acceptance of cookies on your computer, you will not be able to complete an online order with us. 

in order to monitor the success and usage of our email marketing campaigns, hellyesmaliamills.com may implement "message format" or "message open" sensing technology. these technologies require pixel tags or clear gifs which are unseen to the user, but send the appropriate information to our tracking system. this information allows us to identify if your email accepts html or text only emails so that we may send you the appropriate format. 

registration and order information

hellyesmaliamills.com uses a registration process and order form so that you can purchase online, request information and receive service from us. your personal contact information (i.e. name, email address, telephone number, mailing address and etc.) is used solely to send you your order. 

credit card information is completely secure and protected and collected for the sole purpose of billing you for your purchase. 

users may browse our products and information without registering. registration is optional and only required to shop online. 

how we use and share the information we collect

hellyesmaliamills.com is proud to inform you that we do not sell or share your personal information or email. your information is only used to complete your order to for marketing purposes if you have opted for this feature. 

should you select the optional opportunity to receive emails from us about current offers and incentives, we will also use your email for this purpose. if you have not selected this option, you will not receive promotional emails. 

if you have opted to receive promotional email, you may choose to remove this feature from your account at any time and the emails will be stopped. 

your contact information may also be used should we ever need to contact you regarding your order. 

gift certificates and gifts also require that information to ship to third parties. this information receives the same courtesy detailed above for our customers. 

communications from hellyesmaliamills.com

hellyesmaliamills.com offers many modes of communication to our customers. hellyesmaliamills.com also reserves the right to communicate with our registered users regarding their order should the need arise. 

communication regarding transaction and account maintenance

hellyesmaliamills.com communications include order confirmations, order updates, problems with orders, delivery issues (as-needed) and management of accounts (should issues arise). 

html emails and marketing

hellyesmaliamills.com offers our users an email option that allows us to communicate with you regarding sales, incentives, new products and etc. If you receive these emails you may opt at any time to remove yourself from this mailing list. if you do not receive emails, you may add yourself to this feature in your account management area. 

changes to privacy policy

hellyesmaliamills.com reserves the right to amend or append this policy at any time by posting those revisions on your site. Any changes will only affect information collected after this postdate unless otherwise stated. 

questions or comments

hellyesmaliamills.com invites you to communicate with us should you have a question or would like to voice a concern regarding our privacy or security policies. please email us at onlineorders@maliamills.comand a customer service associate will respond to you in a timely manner. you may also call us at (800) 685.3479. 

security policy

• protecting your information • password security • safe shopping guarantee • alternate shopping options • changes to security 

protecting your information

at hellyesmaliamills.com, your security is our first priority. we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and using the information responsibly and only for the purposes defined in our registration process. our state of the art software and ensures that information shared with hellyesmaliamills.com is secure and private. 

We guarantee that every transaction you make at hellyesmaliamills.com will be safe. Hundreds of thousands of customers have successfully shopped online with us without issue or concern. When you shop online with us, you will join the ranks of those who have been so pleased with our service. 

Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is among the best available for secure online transactions. We exceed all industry standards in securing transactions, encrypting all credit card information, name, address and other personal info so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. These measures provide strong security measures prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of this information. 

If you would like to learn more, please refer to our Privacy Policy for details. At hellyesmaliamills.com, your security is our first priority. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and using the information responsibly and only for the purposes defined in our registration process. Our state of the art software and ensures that information shared with hellyesmaliamills.com is secure and private. 

password security

as an additional element of our security efforts, hellyesmaliamills.com requires you to create and use a customer username and password. this information is required to sigh in and shop online with us. we strongly recommend that users select a password that is difficult to guess (in other words, do not use your name, birth date or other familiar phrases). we suggest you keep this information private and not leave is accessible to others. if you share an office or work-space, do not leave your password available in a document or other public arena. 

if you happen to forget your password, please click the link "forget your password" and follow the instructions. our customer service department will ensure that you receive a note to the email you used when you registered. if you would like to change your password, simply enter "my account" and follow the prompts to change your information. 

safe shopping guarantee

federal law ensures that a credit card user will not be liable for charges in excess of $50.00 that result from the unauthorized use of that card. debit cards have similar protections. while some exceptions do apply, it is required that users comply with credit card rules and regulations.

please take the time to review your cardholder policy for more details on this subject. 

should you be charged a fee by your credit card company for the illegal use of your card with your purchase from hellyesmaliamills.com, we will reimburse you up to $50 for that penalty. 

alternate shopping options

hellyesmaliamills.com stands behind its commitment to secure online shopping. however, if you are still uncomfortable shopping online, we invite you to call our friendly customer service associate who will help you place your order over the phone. 

changes to security

hellyesmaliamills.com reserves the right to amend or append this policy at any time by posting those revisions on your site. any changes will only affect information collected after this postdate unless otherwise stated.